Luxury Real Estate Broker in Miami
Daniela Vrillaud

Why Invest in the Miami market?

This answer is simple, why not investing in Miami? Miami’s Real Estate and economic growth can simply be shown by looking side to side and up in the sky. In the last 10 years new condominiums were created along Miami skyline and with this growth it came newer restaurants, shopping centers and new hip neighborhoods were created in Miami.

Miami is a city that pretty much has everything. It has white sand beaches with turquoise waters, sunny days with warm temperatures almost 365 days a year, it has a diverse culture witch it is considered the melting pot where South americans, central americans, europeans and the caribbean lived together and transformed the culinary arts in Miami Where the food has all these mixes together to create amazing plates and restaurants all over the city. Whatever food you wish to eat in Miami you can find it.

The developing of Miami even created a stage for different important worldwide events that are shaping Miami’s culture. Events such as Art Basel, Miami Fashion Week and Sobe Food and Wine Festival are influencing Miami every year.

Miami still is the “Magic City.” The nickname was giving to the city for it’s incredible growth overnight to a city many years ago. And this is what it is still going on with Miami, nobody can’t stop the 305 (Miami) from growing and the developing of new condos, new neighborhoods, office buildings, museums, high retail shops, fine dining restaurants and even movie studios like the ones in Hollywood, CA.

There are tons of projects right at this moment in Miami and tons of opportunities for investors and non investors to move to this wonderful city and enjoy its caribbean beaches, exclusive dining, sophisticated architecture, enjoy the best food, live the carefree beach life and called home to this Magic City.

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